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Heavy industry...

...on the desktop? Track plans for model railway layouts on a compact desktop size mostly are a simple oval with a starter set. But why not an industry layout? Sharp curves are more tolerable than on a (main) line section, you can expand on details, and creating a model railway scenery within an industrial ambience is an appealing challenge.

Click picture for download (pdf)!

N scale model railway layouts

N scale track plan for a blast furnace scenery

Vast industry areas, as we see it in the "Ruhr"-area (= "Ruhrgebiet"), spread out for for miles with steelworks, refineries, mines or blast furnace plants. How to translate this into a desktop size? Of course, not in HO. The track plan above is an idea for a N scale model railway layout on the 3 levels. Although especially designed for shunting wagons back and forth, an option could be a continuous run on the lower level. The incline of the slope to the bridge on the upper level is about 4 %. But this should be acceptable, as locos on this small layout do not have more than 3 or 4 wagons; and the clearance height under the bridge is low, because catenary is not needed. The track plan is projected for diesel traffic - or steam locos, if you want to go "oldschool".

Reversing loop or not?

A closer look at the plan shows a reversing loop on the middle level (= the red mark). However, this reversing loop is just an optical issue. Actually a connection track between the 2 switches (turnouts) is not necessary for shunting tasks or traffic at all. Check the operation possibilities! It just makes the whole scenery looking more compliantly this way. If you don´t want to have a reverse loop wiring, just leave the complete connection track off, or isolate the ends of both rails.
An idea for any kind of industry model railway layouts: steelworks, a refinery, blast furnace - whatever.

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Opened up

This model railroad plan is a tight matter! The whole construction must be very exactly. And don´t mess up: There is not a curved switch on the upper left side. There are just 2 overlying curves. One curve goes "upstairs", one goes "downstairs"!

Size: 120 x 80 cm (= 3,93 x 2,62 feet)
Tracks: Fleischmann, N scale

Click picture for download (pdf)!

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