Model railway track plans

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A railyard for the locos

The intention of this model railway track plan is a locomotive diorama with a "continuous run" traffic function for the engines. It´s an idea I haven´t realized so far, but it is on the top of my "most-wanted" list!

Size: 120 x 80 cm (= 3,93 x 2,62 feet)
Tracks: Fleischmann, N scale

N gauge model railway plan (click picture for pdf download)

Model railway track plans

Funnel ahead for steam locomotives

Model railway track plans should always have an outstanding idea! Here it is the track in the tunnel, which comes back to the turntable, thus creating a roundabout line: Steam locomotives can leave and return the area always with their funnel ahead. As the tunnel track comes back directly to the turntable, no reversing loop wiring is necessary. But this railyard track plan is not only for steam engines. Diesel locomotives or some wagons also have a place there.

Model railway track plans: The scenery is important

This desktop sized train depot offers enough space for an atmospheric model railway scenery with coaling & water station, diesel, engine repair, and many more facilities and details. The roundhouse locomotive shed allows parking for 10 locos. The tracks at the turntable are grouped in a 7,5° angle.
The switch on the right side in front of the tunnel is a curved switch. Although I dont´t like this kind of turnouts, sometimes there is no alternative on a compact model railway layout. The street bridge above is meant to reduce the visual impact of this narrow curve and to create some backyard ambience by placing two or three elderly buildings on the heightened embankment. Furthermore, a switch/turnout within the tunnel could make a connection to other layouts or modules.

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